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Quality Private Condo Swimming
Lessons in Singapore

Find Professional coaches for Condos and Private Estates in Singapore.

We have just launched our public pool lessons! ?

Develop Water Confidence & Water Safety Knowledge during private swimming lessons

With the right techniques and coaching, your child will be able to 
independently and safely regulate their breathing and strokes and be confident in their own ability.

Most importantly, Water Confidence is incomplete without safety.

Our Swimming instructors will educate your child to understand the importance of water safety and have strong knowledge of how to conduct themselves safely in a pool environment.

Build strong basics and foundation with our experience Swimming Instructors

We follow a lesson plan focused on 
building strong foundations before progressing to the next level.

This methodology ensures that your child has the confidence and skill to learn at their fullest potential during the next stage.

Our coaches have also found that having a strong foundation helps with retaining swimming muscle memory when your child grows older.

The best thing is, the earlier you start, the easier it is for your child to pick up a strong foundation due to a child’s early brain development.

Our Swimming Coaches are passionate and patient

Coaches go out of the way to 
motivate weaker students out of their own passion.

Yes – We even have parents telling us that some of our coaches spend extra time to motivate them after the lesson has ended.

We also understand that different children have different learning speed and thus coaches that we select must love children and be patient with them.

We are Islandwide

Wherever you are, we travel to you.
Our swimming coaches will come to your condo or private estate wherever you are located around Singapore.

Fun and motivating Private Lessons

Children learn best when they are having fun!
Our coaches will motivate your children to do their best and make lessons interesting for them.

Safe Environment

We conduct lessons with safety as our main priority.
Have a peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands even while having fun.
Frederic looks forward to all his swimming lessons with Coach Jing and enjoys them very much. When you make lessons fun and interesting, kids will be more attentive and learn faster.
I am amazed to see how Frederic has transformed from a non-swimmer at his first lesson to a boy who today, is truly water-confident and able to swim on his own with ease and enthusiasm, thanks to the effective coaching methods by Coach Jing!

Coach Jing is a patient and energetic coach who has successfully made swimming really fun for his students so that they enjoy their classes. I will recommend him to any parent who is considering a swim coach for their child!
Thumbs up! ?
Bee Kuan (Mother of Frederic)
Jing is my 3-year-old’s son first swimming teacher and we couldn’t have chosen a better and more patient teacher. He has been absolutely great with my son ever since he started learning to swim at 2.
My son’s water confidence is sky high, and he even knows very basic strokes. I think the greatest endorsement has to come from my son himself.

Every Tuesday, if he knows that swim class is on, he always gets excited and cannot wait to look ‘kor kor Jing’.

Personally, Jing is considerate and responsible, and we recommend him unreservedly if you are looking for a swim teacher!
Andrew (Father of Noah)
Lessons were conducted in a fun but safe manner. The coach is always nearby to make sure my daughter is safe and does not push herself too much. Kat enjoy the lesson a lot.
Overall I am very pleased with this experience and I will recommend my friends to try Swim Journey.
Kelly (Mother of Kat)

While we are great with children,
we have private swimming lessons for adults too!

Lessons for each age group are conducted differently to bring out the best potential of our students. Learn more about our lessons.

We have as well!

Baby Swimming Lessons

6 months to 2 years

Toddler Swimming Lessons

2 years to 4 years

Children Swimming Lessons

4 years and above

Adult Swimming Lessons

18 years and above

See why hundreds of students 
love our swimming lessons


Kai Lin Yap

October 15, 2021

My 3 yr old daughter started lessons with Coach Hazel in June 2021. Prior to this, my kid was afraid of submerging in the water and would always come out spluttering. Within 2 lessons, Coach Hazel helped to overcome these issues and within 4 lessons my daughter started enjoying the waters with much more confidence. Coach Hazel has been very patient and meticulous in ensuring my kid was comfortable and safe at all times. And I’m truly impressed with all the progress within a short period!


Caesar Sunio

September 23, 2021

Coach Pang was quickly able to get my shy daughter to engage and have fun during her lessons. Coach Pang clearly communicated the plans for the direction of the lessons in which he emphasised water safety first.


Vera Vera

September 22, 2021

Coach Vincent is awesome, patience and engaging. My son enjoys his lesson and looks forward for swimming lesson every week. He shows great improvement within short period ??????



September 21, 2021

Good service and they recommended dedicated coach MK to us.



September 20, 2021

Signed up for swimming lessons couple of months back with a friend. Jing is very prompt in replies and matched a coach for us shortly. Coach is patient and understanding. He is able to cater to our needs as well. Overall very satisfactory!


Rachel PARK

September 3, 2021

Jing is amazing coach for my kids. My first kid was scared of water and even never wanted to go the pool at the first time but thanks to Jing, she became a dolphin now and took the turn to her 6 years old brother ?. I believe Jing is a really good observer and listener for every different kids and provide the customized best professional way to learn swimming based on their characteristics. Jing is so friendly, patient and caring. My both kids love their swimming class with Jing so much. Really recommend his swimming class to every kids because he has been successful to make my kids, totally different characteristics, to swim well!!


JieRu Toh

August 25, 2021

Signed up for adult swimming lessons under Coach Lau who was very patient and understanding. It has been a month since we started learning and we could see ourselves improving week by week :) Thanks Coach Lau!


Christina Xina Joseph

August 17, 2021

Coach Emilyn, recommended by Coach Jing, has been awesome with my kids. They have alot of fun and they are learning still. She is very approachable and is very responsible in providing updates and feedback. Thank you!


Wei Hao Shing

August 16, 2021

I have been taking lessons with Coach Larrison for the past 2 months or so, and I was able to do different strokes (breathstrokes, frontcrawl, butterfly) in such a short period of time! I was really amazed as to how fast I picked up swimming, as I was unable to swim for the past 20+ years or so until I started lessons with SwimJourney and I'm super pleased with the results!


pragya chakravarty

August 16, 2021

I am very happy that I chose Swim Journey to guide my 5 year old daughter through her swimming lessons. Coach Alvin as been very patient, professional and I can already see a lot of confidence in my daughter in getting into the pool and trying out strokes she has learnt. Would highly recommend coach Alvin and Swim Journey!!


lei wang

August 15, 2021

The Swimming coach is very nice to my kid and very professional. My kid can learn to swim in a month, around 4 times only. My kid is still under coaching and enjoys the lessons. Thanks.


Jue Tran

August 15, 2021

I am so glad I found SwimJourney when I was looking for a coach to teach two of my children. Not only the coach come to my condo(save travel time) but also the fees are very reasonable. My children are 9 and 7, they have been learning swimming for some times but I want them to improve more. Jing replied me right away after I sent a request. And he recommended coach Dave to teach my children. Coach Dave has been teaching them for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier. He told me their breast stroke were taught the wrong kicks previously and tried hard to correct them. He is also very patient when teaching my son who is easily got distracted. I saw big improvement since he started to teach my children. I would highly recommend SwimJourney if you are looking for a professional swim coach for your children or yourself.

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