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Leading Private Swimming
Lessons in Singapore

Book your professional private swimming lessons for all ages

Ready for Personalised 1-1 coaching in the comfort of your pool?

Private swimming lessons in Singapore are very different from public pool coaching.

When you sign up for a private lesson, we will dedicate a swimming coach to teach you at your condominium pool or private housing in Singapore.

In a nutshell, you are getting the undivided attention of our swimming instructors during your lessons

Why take private swimming lessons over group lessons?

Why pick private swimming lessons instead of public pool coaching?

It’s simple, you will have a stronger foundation which helps you to learn how to swim faster!

Unlike group coaching where your instructor will not be able to track your progress as well as your swimming form, a private coach is able to monitor and adjust your strokes over time.

With the right strokes, swimming becomes second nature.

Our private coaches are patient and approachable

Our swimming instructors go out of the way to motivate weaker students on their own accord.

They are passionate and share the belief that encouragement is really important to learning

We understand swimming can be a challenge for some people because we all started out the same.

As coaches, we strive to make the experience more enjoyable for our students and help them fall in love with swimming.

We are Islandwide

Wherever you are, we travel to you.
Our swimming coaches will come to your condo or private estate wherever you are located around Singapore.

Fun and Motivating Private Lessons

Children learn best when they are having fun!
Our coaches will motivate your children to do their best and make lessons interesting for them.

Safe Environment

We conduct lessons with safety as our main priority.
Have a peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands even while having fun.

More lovely testimonials from parents of our
current students and graduates when they take lessons with us!

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