Swimming lessons for Infants in Condo or Private Pools

It is never too early to start swimming

Infant swimming in water with coach
Infants during swimming lessons

Infant Swimming Confidence Course

For 6 months to 2 years old infants

It’s never too late as well, try our adult swimming lessons

Swimming at a young age not only help your child improve their physical, emotional and social aspect, it also provides quality bonding time for both babies and parent!

Early exercise also improves the strength of their heart, lungs and improve their motor skills.

All of our coaches are well-trained, patient and super friendly.

Our coaches will incorporate fun yet gentle methods to keep your child engaged with learning how to swim.

Your child will fall in love with swimming and look forward to attending the lessons by our coach every week!

Here’s what your Infant will learn:

  • Familiarisation in Water
  • Holding Breath
  • Water Submersion
  • Paddling and Kicking
  • Floating

Through our program, we are confident to provide you and your baby a wonderful experience in water by implementing songs and games that will bring lots of fun to the lesson!

As babies are still very young, it is not advisable to stay in the water for too long. That is why we cater each swimming lesson to be 30 minutes long to provide the best learning experience for your baby 😊

Lessons held at your condo

Our private swimming coaches will hold lessons at your condominium at your convenience so you can witness the little firsts that your child does while swimming.



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Remember, it’s never too early to start learning swimming!

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