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Kai Lin Yap

October 15, 2021

My 3 yr old daughter started lessons with Coach Hazel in June 2021. Prior to this, my kid was afraid of submerging in the water and would always come out spluttering. Within 2 lessons, Coach Hazel helped to overcome these issues and within 4 lessons my daughter started enjoying the waters with much more confidence. Coach Hazel has been very patient and meticulous in ensuring my kid was comfortable and safe at all times. And I’m truly impressed with all the progress within a short period!


Caesar Sunio

September 23, 2021

Coach Pang was quickly able to get my shy daughter to engage and have fun during her lessons. Coach Pang clearly communicated the plans for the direction of the lessons in which he emphasised water safety first.


Vera Vera

September 22, 2021

Coach Vincent is awesome, patience and engaging. My son enjoys his lesson and looks forward for swimming lesson every week. He shows great improvement within short period ??????



September 21, 2021

Good service and they recommended dedicated coach MK to us.



September 20, 2021

Signed up for swimming lessons couple of months back with a friend. Jing is very prompt in replies and matched a coach for us shortly. Coach is patient and understanding. He is able to cater to our needs as well. Overall very satisfactory!


Rachel PARK

September 3, 2021

Jing is amazing coach for my kids. My first kid was scared of water and even never wanted to go the pool at the first time but thanks to Jing, she became a dolphin now and took the turn to her 6 years old brother ?. I believe Jing is a really good observer and listener for every different kids and provide the customized best professional way to learn swimming based on their characteristics. Jing is so friendly, patient and caring. My both kids love their swimming class with Jing so much. Really recommend his swimming class to every kids because he has been successful to make my kids, totally different characteristics, to swim well!!

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