Swimming Lessons @ Senja-Cashew Swimming Complex

A great place if you are looking to learn swimming lessons in Senja

Group swimming classes at

Senja-Cashew Swimming Complex

Our public pool coaches conduct group lessons regularly at Senja-Cashew swimming complex

If you are staying in the Senja area and you are looking to learn how to swim, we have the right coach for you!

What age groups do you cater for in public lessons?

Public pool lessons are great for kids, teenagers and are fine for generally all age groups.

However, from our statistics, most adults prefer to have private lessons due to the preference for privacy when learning how to swim.

This results in fewer adults joining group classes and thus it will be difficult to find larger learning groups that coach only adults specifically.

Looking for lessons for adults instead?


Where can I find the Senja-cashew Swimming Complex?

We have embedded the actual address below for your convenience.

Here are their operating hours:

Monday – Tuesday: 8am – 9.30pm
Wednesday : 2.30pm – 9.30pm (Pool Maintenance)
Thursday : 7am – 9.30pm
Friday – Sunday : 8am – 9.30pm

Adult swimming during lessons

Actual pool photo credits to ActiveSG

How much does swimming lessons at Senja-Cashew swimming pool cost?

Prices are dependent on how many students are in each group, if you can refer more students to join a group, the prices will be much cheaper for each individual.